How Miele in Culla® was born

One day, a friend of mine asked me the following question:

“Why does honey taste much better if it gets eaten directly from the comb?”

My answer was immediate: “This is probably due to the wax that makes it better”.

Then I had a sudden intuition: “What if I realised a pot completely made of beeswax?” Since then, I started going into various aspects concerning honey and I finally got to find out that honey absorbs scents and loses part of its peculiarity when exposed to the light. Everything became clear. The only thing I had to do was to recreate the work bees do for themselves, in order to offer my clients an aesthetically appealing and genuine product without running into possible contamination along the production chain. Hence I decided to extract honey in the darkness, since bees perform trophallaxis (the exchange of nectar from bee to bee) in the absence of light. Moreover, I chose to cover in beeswax both the interior of the honey extractors (simple mechanical devices using centrifugal force to separate honey from the comb) and ripeners (the “big cells” where honey gets stored). I had therefore a guarantee that honey didn’t get edulcorated, since it doesn’t leave its original place: the wax. A perfect cradle for honey, characterised by an unmistakable fragrance.

And what about the pot?

The process hasn’t been easy to realise, but I finally succeeded in replicating the product and making it large-scale reproducible. 

The name arises from my father’s idea who named it Miele in Culla® – “Honey in the cradle”, in English -, because “a so genuine and innocent product as honey deserves to be protected just like nature wanted to, inside a little beeswax cradle.” Five years have passed since the first pot was produced. During this period of time the design and the available sizes have been refined.

Licences and certification

The Miele in Culla® pot is an excellent product, which wasn’t easy to achieve. The choice of patenting the creative and productive process was determined by the need to guarantee an elegant, resistant and eco-friendly product. In short, a high-quality product. The experience in the beeswax manufacturing and the desire to improve our products, along with the research of a higher quality, make the Miele in Culla® pots a particularly remarkable product. A product deserving the protection from the hive up to the famous pot. As a sure guarantee of the quality and reliability, we have obtained the “Food contactcertification, which ensures the use of appropriate materials to contain food. The use of certified materials contributes in creating a product that, once the  laboratory testing has been successfully passed, has been considered suitable to obtain the certification. The improvement of the production technique of the pot has taken a long time and has been difficult and works of research, discussions and very complicated processes have been necessary for this purpose.


Miele in Culla® arises from the desire to offer our clients a high-quality product, able to preserve the flavour of honey just extracted from the hive without any alterations. 

For this purpose, the use of selected and certified raw materials has been necessary and essential.


Directly produced by our bees and selected by us, our honey gets harvested directly from the hive.


The wax is purchased at the agricultural cooperative “Società Cooperativa Agricola Il Pungiglione”, which takes care of ensuring the quality and the cleaning of wax.


From the union between our honey and the high-quality wax, we obtain Miele in Culla®, a unique and incomparable product to savour.