Our Honey

Bees visit flowers, collect nectar and turn it into honey. In a word: alchemy. What bees get is the juice of the Earth. 

This is an activity beginning from the most ancestral notes of Mother Nature. We are not beekeepers, but bee-herders. 

We lead bees carefully where nectar is still naturally preserved by plants. Bees are the only ones that turn this treasure into pure gold for everyone’s benefit. 

As “bee-herders”, we only have to reach out for this miracle. Ladies and gentlemen, the Honey.


Honey varieties and quality

The honey produced by La Corte delle Regine is of the highest quality, so as to guarantee the excellence, but also to satisfy the most sensitive and delicate palates. The following varieties belong to the wide offer of La Corte delle Regine: Spring Wildflower, French honeysuckle, Alfalfa, Wildflower honeydew, Shamrock, Sunflower, Chestnut, Acacia, Heath, Bramble and many others we produce during the whole season, always ensuring respect for our beloved bees.

Our honey is distributed in glass honey pots with a 250g. or 450g. capacity.