Oricalco is a way of expressing history. It is neither wine nor an ordinary alcoholic beverage: it is mead. This unique product obtained by fermenting honey has been found out even before beer and wine. It took us a long time and dedication to obtain an excellent product. Oricalco is a graceful lady, loyal companion of events and caring muse for meditative people.

Oricalco arises from our great passion for honey and the wide experience of the Estate Tenuta Agricola Torre a Cenaia.

The Estate Tenuta Agricola Torre a Cenaia boasts more than 500 organic hectares, in which our bees can work freely. Oricalco is the result of an extensive experience that leads the taste of the mead to a higher level, giving to the best beverages a run for their money.

Oricalco è l'idromele de La Corte delle regine in collaborazione con la tenuta agricola Torre a Cenaia

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