La Corte delle Regine

Where the original beeswax pot was born

One day, a friend of mine asked me the following question:

“Why does honey taste much better if it gets eaten directly from the comb?”

My answer was immediate: “This is probably due to the wax that makes it better”.

Miele in Culla®

The value of “Miele in culla®” doesn’t lie only in the aesthetic: in addition to the flavour of beeswax, the container represents the final result deriving from a commitment which starts from the bees themselves. Care and rhythm are the crucial principles we follow in the honey extraction. Each size of the container is the result of dedication and research. All this is Miele in Culla®, an author’s signature on an endless book in a constant state of writing.

Miele in Culla in esposizione con tutti i formati da 35g, 140g, 350g e 750g
Oricalco è l'idromele de La Corte delle regine in collaborazione con la tenuta agricola Torre a Cenaia


Oricalco is a way of expressing history. It is neither wine nor an ordinary alcoholic beverage: it is mead. This unique product obtained by fermenting honey has been found out even before beer and wine. It took us a long time and dedication to obtain an excellent product. 

Oricalco is a graceful lady, loyal companion of events and caring muse for meditative people.

Our honey

Bees visit flowers, collect nectar and turn it into honey. In a word: alchemy. What bees get is the juice of the Earth. This is an activity beginning from the most ancestral notes of Mother Nature. We are not beekeepers, but bee-herders. We lead bees carefully where nectar is still naturally preserved by plants. Bees are the only ones that turn this treasure into pure gold for everyone’s benefit. As “bee-herders”, we only have to reach out for this miracle. Ladies and gentlemen, the Honey.

Miele millefiori in vasetti da 450g

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