Bees do not only live on honey. For those ones who have never heard of it yet, pollen is the other side of the miracle: divine sand that the bee’s knowledge turns into small gold nuggets. Rich in amino acids and vitamins, pollen is defined by scientists as “superfood”. We collect it in particularly suited and diversified areas, so that hives can tell us when we are supposed to gather it.


Royal Jelly

Its colour is pearly and ivory-white. Its taste is decisive, spicy at times. This is royal jelly. What about its health benefits? Needless to list them. Just consider this: the queen bee feeds only on royal jelly from the hatching of the egg up to the adulthood. And she lives 3000 times longer than her daughters. Royal jelly is an elixir of long life. The last aspired alchemic treasure.

Herbal salves

We pick patiently the best wild herbs in certified fields to create magics of wellness.

Our salves are the result of simplicity and ancient tradition, just like our grandmothers wished.

Natural remedies to rediscover real fragrances and guaranteed benefits.



On the day of your dreams, don’t you wish to give your relatives and closest friends a unique and precious item, which makes them remember your happiness and joy of your love?

Miele in Culla® is the perfect bonbonniere for your wedding, that will amaze your invited guests and will find its way into their hearts.

Available in four different sizes (35g. 140g. 350g. and 750g.), you will succeed in pleasing all your guests. Moreover, you will find the most suitable bonbonniere for your acquaintances, dearest friends, your best man and woman and for your parents.

Each Miele in Culla® bonbonniere is handcrafted, in order to offer you high-quality items made with love.

Do you want bonbonnieres that suit your style of wedding the best? We are ready to customise the Miele in Culla® bonbonnieres as you desire!

It is possible to fill them up with different types of honey and to create the wax with aromatic ingredients to make them even more special.

From cinnamon to saffron, from cocoa to orange blossoms, from lavender to pepper, just ask us for the flavouring you prefer and enjoy the scent of a bonbonniere dedicated to your love.

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